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Estate and Gift Tax

The valuation of a closely-held business is an important step in the estate planning process for an owner.  Understanding the value of your business is key to developing an effective estate plan.

Whether you are transferring ownership to family or charity, we can work with you and your attorney to determine the appropriate value of the business.



For the owner of a closely-held business, their business may be the most significant asset in the marital estate.  Understanding the value of a business is critical in arriving at an equitable divorce settlement.

We also offer expert testimony, deposition and trial preparation, and consulting.



Employee stock ownership plans offer extra motivation for employees while creating tax savings to the corporation and the selling shareholder.

If you’re considering becoming an employee-owned company or if your company already has an ESOP, you’ll need an independent appraisal of your company’s stock to comply with Department of Labor regulations.

Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder disputes litigation may be the result of dissenting shareholders or oppressed minority shareholders.  A business valuation is vital to understanding the value of a shareholder’s ownership interest.


Economic Damages

Economic damages can result from a variety of situations including patent infringement, breach of contract, or discrimination and wrongful death. 

We can determine economic damages by determining business value, lost profits, or lost wages.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Understanding the value of a business is indispensable when making merger, acquisition, and divestiture decisions.

We understand which factors enhance or detract value, which allows us to advise clients on ways to make their businesses more attractive to prospective buyers.